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RNDR + Sia — Announcing a partnership linking decentralized rendering and decentralized storage : CryptoCurrency

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We’re very excited to announce a partnership with Siacoin — a first of many to come!

As RNDR development continues to roll out over the next six months, there will be the need to store, distribute and process jobs on the network. And because RNDR requires dynamic uptime, decentralized solutions are the only practical way to meet the demand.

Sia has already built out infrastructure that we can utilize to store various pieces of the RNDR task on many secure nodes across the globe. Advantages over a centralized approach: Near-constant uptime, significantly lower access costs and lowered risk over any single solution.

The RNDR partnership with Sia will provide low-latency storage for our users within 50 milliseconds of every major city in the world at nearly 1/100 of the price.

With over 70,000 file contracts and 300TB of data on their platform across six continents, Sia is the de facto leader in this space today. This integration will be built into Phase 2 beta and Phase 3 launch of our p2p platform, providing the decentralized data solution that we need in order to scale and sustain growth.

Partnerships like RNDR + Sia, as well as other such future networks on the blockchain, are the computing primitives that will form the economy of the future for art, services and knowledge that we can barely imagine today, in the same way that the pre-web world could not anticipate the impact of the decentralization of information in the early 90s.