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GRS activity reminds me of FLIK…concerned.

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As most of us know, GRS is the coin of the moment. I’ve gotten on and off the train at multiple stops too, though I haven’t gotten as much out of it as I would have liked. I’m thinking of putting 200 in tonight, as by tomorrow morning it will either have mooned again or dumped. Something that’s concerning me is that it’s behaviour is alot like FLIK. FLIK to my surprise wasn’t shilled here, and was barely mentioned. But it was a coin on coinexchange that went from 3-4 cents to 35 in the span of a few days.

The coin had a legit team behind them, and they were planning on burning 520m/600m coins shortly after the pump. People were convinced its a legit coin but lo and behold, its at 5 cents now. Check out the graph here:

I’m afraid the situation with GRS will turn out to be the same. Everyone is convinced its some phenomenal coin but it could just be getting major hype and due for a dump very soon. What do y’all tonight or sit this one out?

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